for Salesforce

A “smart” toolbox, to boost sales performance & efficiency in every small or large business around the globe

360 view of sales management

SalesPlanner is a new ecosystem that will eventually include all the tools needed to manage sales in a wholistic approach

Our first tool

A budgeting & reporting tool for Salesforce


A “smart” tool

Boost collaboration and efficiency

Target energy focus

A multilevel shared application for both managers and salesreps with instant access to results through easy-to-use sophisticated reports & dashboards, leading to a more efficient sales team.

Web and apps

Accessible on all your devices

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Great Support

Backed by an amazing support team

We are always there for you, during installation, setup, but more importantly during business operations.

What customers are saying

“SalesPlanner has helped us gain insight to trends in an easy and efficient manner.”
“We used to spend days to plan our yearly budget. With SalesPlanner it's a click of a button!”
“SalesPlanner has helped us monitor our sales team like never before, and with practically no effort!”

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